How Interning at CSG Helped Me Grow and Gain Confidence

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By Olivia Funk
La Salle University, Class of 2025

As a junior communication major still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do, it was very intimidating coming into my first internship. I excelled in my communication classes but wasn’t sure how that was going to translate to working in the real world. I soon found out that not only was I more prepared than I thought but that I would also be welcomed in by everyone at The Communication Solutions Group. Throughout my time at CSG, I have learned so much and become even more confident in my communication skills than ever before. Everyone at CSG truly cared about helping me learn and grow throughout my time with them, leaving me more skilled than ever.

Video Shoots and Editing

One of the most memorable projects that I worked on was a video for the Deptford Fire Department honoring Women’s History Month. I went with Social Media Specialist Jessica Lis to a shoot at one of Deptford Fire Department’s stations to interview the women of the department. I took lots of videos and pictures of the firefighters being interviewed and the drills they performed. It was very cool to get to see all of the fire trucks up close and the women doing multiple fire drills. It was extremely empowering to see the strong support the women in the department have for each other; they are truly fearless. This project was particularly special to me since my hometown is just one town over from Deptford. It was truly a full-circle moment getting to see the behind-the-scenes of the heroes in my community.

At the shoot, there were also media outlets there to cover the story. It was interesting to see how a shoot works with interviews and footage being taken by various media outlets. After getting all of the footage I edited the video, which was then posted on Deptford Fire Department’s Facebook page. Jess guided me throughout this project, teaching me what needs to be done on a shoot and supporting me while I edited. It was exciting to work on this project from start to end, and the overall experience was extremely meaningful.

I also worked on editing a lot of other projects while at CSG, which really helped me to sharpen and find more confidence in my editing skills. I edited various Reels and videos for different clients using helmet cam footage, my own pictures and videos, as well as outside footage. I learned a lot about how to edit for different events and using different editing platforms. It is very rewarding to see the videos and Reels that I edited featured on clients’ social media pages and websites.

Social Media and PR Writing

Another memorable event that I had the opportunity to go to was the ribbon cutting for the new Verizon Innovative Learning Lab at Armstrong Middle School in Bristol Township. I sat in on planning meetings with Public Relations and Marketing Manager Kellie Dietrich before the event and saw all the pieces that go into pulling off a successful event. At the event, I filmed the new lab as well as the STEM Night that followed to later edit into Reels recapping both events. It was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a big event like this and what the media does to cover them.

One of my favorite things to work on was the Canva graphics that I made for various clients’ social media platforms. I don’t always have the opportunity to be creative, so I really enjoyed being able to get creative with the graphics I made. Working on the Canva graphics as well as learning more about social media management has really sparked my interest in social media. I found that all of the social media projects I was given were exciting for me to work on, making me realize that I want to involve social media management in my future career.

I have also been able to sharpen my writing skills throughout my time with CSG. I have written multiple press releases, media alerts, spotlights, and biography articles. Kellie has helped me improve my writing skills by giving me useful pointers on how to write for your specific audience. I feel more confident than ever in my public relations writing capabilities thanks to the support from Kellie.

Kellie has truly been a mentor to me throughout my time here at CSG. She was so welcoming to me when I started and helped me learn and grow throughout my time at CSG. Thank you so much Kellie for all of the guidance, advice, and lessons you have taught me; it has already helped me so much. As soon as I walked in the door I was welcomed with open arms by the entire CSG family. To Leza, Kellie, Jess, Cassie, and Linda, thank you so much for all of the support and for giving me the confidence to believe in myself. My time at CSG has challenged me to grow into a confident and skillful communication student, and soon-to-be communication professional. I will always be grateful to The Communication Solutions Group for providing me with my first step into the professional world and the rest of my career.