Communication Solutions Group specializes in coordinating and implementing all phases of a communication campaign, delivering our client's message in a positive manner via television, radio, newspapers, advertising, direct mail, the Internet and public information sessions. No matter your communication needs, our firm is the solution.


Marketing Plan Development and Implementation
Our team of marketing strategists will identify your target markets, unique selling points and market potential to produce a goal-focused plan that differentiates you from competitors.
Market Research
We will conduct focus groups, one-on-one feedback sessions and online surveys that reveal insight to your customer base.
Event Promotion
From concept to completion, Communication Solutions will pay special attention to each detail, and create a theme that will stand out to the media and your target audience. We’ll generate buzz, attract publicity and enhance ticket sales for a seamless event.

Public Relations

Headline-Making Public Relations
To promote your organization’s good news or soften the impact on bad news, our team of PR pros provide a vital link to the media. Whether your announcement calls for a press release, press conference or major media blitz, Communication Solutions will create a message to capture the attention of major broadcast, web and print media outlets.
Crisis Communication
Outsourcing your communication to PR pros lets you focus on the problem while we coordinate all communication. By analyzing the situation, we produce a plan of action to communicate timely and accurate information to the public.


Strategic Communication Materials
We will help meet your long-term goals by informing and persuading your customer base through the writing of brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, annual reports, advertisements, websites, speeches and social media.

Branding & Design

Branding and Corporate Identity
Stand out from the crowd with a corporate image that is personal and unique to your organization; one that establishes a lasting impression to your clients. Our artists will create a memorable logo, slogan and identity package that can be used for business cards, letterhead, trade show booth designs, advertisements and written materials.
Brochures, Newsletters and Promotional Materials
Our writers will work closely with you to understand your voice and what exactly you want published. After thorough interviews, they put your voice into the best words that will appeal to your target audience. Next, our designers transform the written materials into creative, attention-grabbing brochures, newsletters and promotional materials.
Website Writing and Design
All materials lead the public to the website for more information. We specialize in writing website copy to effectively communicate your content to the public and meet your goals. Along with great writing, your website needs an attractive, user-friendly design to capture the attention of your audience and keep them coming back to your site.

Social Media

Platform management
From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram, Communication Solutions can help you manage social media pages. By posting relevant, engaging content, your page interaction will increase.
Website conversions
Through targeted social media ads, we’ll find the audience you’re looking for and lead them to your website.