Internship Reflection: Improving My Writing and Editing

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By Camille Fleming
Penn State University, Class of 2024

When searching for my first internship, I wanted to ensure I would be in a work environment that would teach me new concepts and develop my writing and editing styles. I wanted to avoid the meaningless internships that only involve coffee runs or just transferring phone calls that are frequently portrayed in movies. Luckily, my internship at The Communication Solutions Group was nothing of the sort. It has helped me to develop not only as a writer but also as a person. I learned more than I expected in just a few months, and I am extremely fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

I believe my professional writing and Canva editing design skills have greatly improved throughout my time here. I came into the workplace knowing simply how to make cool flyer designs and will leave knowing how to conduct on-camera interviews and edit them to create short videos. I was introduced to new softwares and websites that can be tools to enhance my future projects.

One of the major highlights of this internship was when I went with PR & Marketing Manager Kellie Dietrich to cover the annual Veterans Day breakfast for the middle school in Hatboro-Horsham School District. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was delighted when I was allowed to sit in on various interviews and take photos of those who have fought for this country. I was captivated by their passion and gratitude as they spoke about their experiences. Their children intrigued me even more when explaining the impact the military service of their family members had on them. You could feel how much the children looked up to them and how proud they were to have a family member who had served. I was excited to go back to the office and write the press release because it gave me time to reflect on the freedom I have taken for granted. When edited and finalized, I was proud to see my press release and photos published online in the local newspaper. It felt good to know that I could have the chance to inspire others with my writing.

The most significant lesson I’ve taken away from my internship is to persevere and never let my weaknesses overshadow my potential. I didn’t have much confidence in my writing at the start of the internship, and I was unsure about nearly every assignment I turned in. However, as time went on, I took more time with my projects and devoted more attention to the critiques and revisions to ensure that my work was in the best possible condition. Most importantly, I tried to incorporate any adjustments and corrections from previous projects to avoid repeating the same mistakes on new ones. Now, more than ever, I believe I am a stronger writer, and I feel that it is evident in any of my published work.

With my growing confidence, I am not afraid to admit I still have several areas where I can improve. However, as a result of my internship, I have become more open-minded and appreciative of constructive criticism, as I believe it is a valuable tool that can only help me become better. The Communication Solutions Group has helped me properly comprehend the field of public relations and has convinced me that this is the best career choice for me.