Q&A: Communicating with Customers During COVID-19

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The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is changing every day, and chances are, your organization is changing to. You likely have some questions, and we have answers.

How do I communicate bad news?

First, it’s always important to tell the truth and be honest with your customers. To keep them from panicking, it’s important to be reassuring and state what is being done as a response to the situation, such as following medical guidelines and quarantine recommendations. Demonstrate that you are in control of the situation and managing it. If you do not have a solution or all the answers, let customers know that you will update them as soon as you learn more.

What should be present in all messaging?

While many people are worried and fearful during this uncertain time, it is essential to be empathetic.  Rethink the language you are using, and show awareness and sensitivity to what your customers are going through. Companies do not want to be seen as disrespectful or taking advantage of the situation as a way to gain sales. Instead, highlight positivity and the ways your organization is giving back or helping the community find relief.

How do I stay connected with my customers during quarantine?

Any important updates should go out via email; however, you may also want to consider creating a COVID-19 resource page on your organization’s website for any news and updates. Your customers should also know whom to contact if they have questions. Additionally, with many people staying at home, they are using social media more than ever before to stay connected to others. Keep your social media accounts updated and use it as a tool to create a sense of togetherness and positivity during this difficult time.