Looking Back on 2019: Projects and Clients That Inspired Us

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With 2020 almost here, staff members at Communication Solutions Group reflected on the projects and clients that inspired them.

Leza Raffel

“The highlight ‘project’ of my year was mentoring my 100th intern by teaching her what the PR profession is all about and what it takes to succeed in it. With 28 years at the helm of Communication Solutions Group, the people aspect of this business continues to be my favorite – the clients, the Communication Solutions team, our vendors and each and every intern.”

Best Drost

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) works to advance and support veterinary management professionals. Communicating the benefits of membership to members and prospects is essential to the association’s continued growth. I have helped to produce numerous member recruitment videos featuring managers who candidly and eloquently discuss what they value about the association. It’s a pleasure to work with an association where the respect between members and the organization is mutual. This sentiment comes through clearly in the videos and has had a positive impact on attracting new members.”

Kellie Gates

“I knew music is a universal language, but didn’t truly understand until Royer-Greaves taught me. Royer-Greaves School for Blind students and adults have visual impairment and at least one other disability. Not everyone can hear. Not everyone speaks. Everyone communicates, but not always in a way that others easily understand. Yet when someone strums a guitar or plays a keyboard, toes or fingers tap and heads nod with the beat, heard or felt. Those who rarely speak sometimes sing. Sighted or not, verbal or not, mobile or not, everyone participates, and everyone understands, including me. Media outreach and stories like this spread understanding.”

Shari Berg

“One of the recent projects I worked on for Hampton Township School District involved the promotion of a truly amazing act of kindness by two rival football teams. Players worked together to help a special member of Hampton’s team have an unforgettable moment with just seconds left on the clock in the last football game of his senior year. After the Hampton player caught a pass and scored a touchdown – the only Hampton touchdown of the game – the other team joined him to celebrate with his own teammates in the end zone.”

Nicole Modrell

“I love every aspect of working with fire companies whether it’s helping them exhibit and recruit volunteers at community events, attending training sessions or managing social media. An unforgettable moment for me was appearing in a Bucks Fire commercial as an injured person in a car accident.”

Kellie Dietrich

“For the Community Lender’s annual report, I traveled around the community to see homes and facilities that their lenders funded. It was inspiring to interview residents and hear the stories of how their lives have transformed by having a safe place to call home, raise their kids and better themselves.”