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Is Your Business Ready For Its Own Brochure?

By Leza Raffel, The Communication Solutions Group, Inc.

If you always thought that a company brochure was a marketing must for large companies only, you had better think again. A professionally-designed, well-written brochure can be the lifeblood of a small business owner who is trying to aggressively compete in a big business world. To determine whether or not your business needs this valuable marketing tool, consider the following:


How Important Is A Professional Company Image?

Even if you are running your personnel business from a card table in your basement, an effective brochure can transform your company image into that of an upscale recruitment firm. This image enhancement could be just what you need to pick up new clients.


How Often Do Propects Say "Mail Me Background On Your Company?"

"Do you find yourself scrambling to pull background material together when it is requested? How professional does it look? Chances are, your prospects are also receiving polished, visually-appealing materials from your larger competition. A professional brochure can curtail this unfair advantage at the onset.


Do You Exhibit At Tradeshows, Speak At Seminars & Attend Business
Card Exchanges?

These are all instances where a brochure could help promote your services. Prospects will depart from their meeting with you with an eye-catching reminder of all of the benefits you can offer them.


What Goes Into A Brochure?

Your company philosophy, services offered, types of clients, and even testimonials - when printed in a brochure — will all add validity to the professionalism of your business.


Should You Do It Yourself?

Unless you have a knack for graphic arts and copywriting, it is usually wise to hire a professional to develop this important marketing tool for you. All too often, self-made brochures reinforce a less-than-professional image that small business owners work diligently to dispel. Remember, you want to communicate that your own a quality company. A benefit-oriented, well-designed brochure can be used to promote your business for years to come.


Can You Afford A Brochure?

Chances are, the answer is "Yes." Numerous steps can be taken during both the design and printing process to create an attractive brochure at an affordable price. Good designers and printers will work with you to ensure that you have the best brochure possible, given your budget.




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