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Communication Solutions Keeps Districts' Public
Relations Strong When Communication Positions Are Cut


State mandates, reduced state revenue, and a fluctuating economy have all forced budget cutbacks for the 2002-2003 school year, and many school districts around Pennsylvania are dealing with difficult financial decisions. Often the first thing to go when districts face a budget reduction is communication or public information staff. If your school district has to confront these same challenges, there may be alternatives even if staffing in these areas is condensed.


The Communication Solutions Group, a full-service public relations firm, has helped school districts across the state deal with these same issues and turned potential disastrous situations into positive experiences for administrators, teachers, parents, and students alike. Many school districts have learned the value of “outsourcing” communication functions compared to the costs of a full-time employee swamped with these tasks.


Working together, Communication Solutions’ team of writers, graphic designers, and former reporters can create a communications plan unique to each district’s needs. With the ability to fulfill a variety of communications roles, school districts can enjoy the flexibility of the Communication Solutions Group on a per-project or retainer basis.


With eleven years of Pennsylvania school district P.R. experience, the public relations specialists at Communications Solutions have become experts in the field and are adept at many services including:

  • Media Relations — Effective communication with media outlets is a necessity that is often misused or overlooked. Knowing that communication with the public is critical, the specialists at Communication Solutions work closely with members of the media to ensure accurate and timely dissemination of information.
  • Strike Situation Public Relations — While resolving the conflict is the main goal of the administrators and school board, the focus for the Communication Solutions Group is coordinating an organized, accurate message to ensure a balanced representation of the facts to the public via press releases, ads and newsletters.
  • Newsletters — Whether focusing on internal or external audiences, the public relations firm follows the activities of the district and can tailor publications to the unique needs of each audience. Graphic designers and knowledgeable writers work closely to create an aesthetically pleasing and informative newsletter highlighting the achievements of a district’s students and staff.
  • Public Opinion Research — Realizing the public’s ideas and sentiments about a school district and issues in the community make public opinion research a powerful tool. Communication Solutions has experience implementing surveys and utilizing the results to create a valuable summary and recommended course of action.
  • Crisis Communications — When the unfortunate occurrence of a tragedy or crisis takes place, Communication Solutions coordinates press conferences and release statements conveying necessary announcements about the situation. Crisis communication specialists can also work with the administration to create a plan before emergencies happen.
  • Image Advertising — Communication Solutions can work to promote the positive features of a school district through newspaper, magazine, and cable television advertisements. A positive image attracts newcomers to the area and makes long time constituents take pride in their local district.


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