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Government relations/Issue Management

Issue Management

Sometimes local, state and federal laws or initiatives can have an unexpected impact on your business or organization. When that happens, you need to find a way to communicate with legislators and voters to make sure your voice is heard. But it can be difficult to know where to take your message.


Enter Communication Solutions. Our team of former political consultants, planners and reporters know how to package and deliver an issue straight to the people who matter most. We are skilled at crafting messages to target specific audiences - saving you the trouble of finding your way through bureaucracy maze.


Supporting Or Opposing Legislative Bills, Finding Sponsorship
For Needed Legislation & Grassroots Organizing

When a bill could help or hurt your business or organization, it's important to know who is reviewing the bill so that you can reach them with your message. But trying to find your way to the critical decision-makers can be difficult and frustrating.

Communication Solutions can do the work for you. We can help you identify the legislators who will empathize with your cause by reviewing voting records and researching political backgrounds. In addition to reaching the politicians, Communication Solutions can help you reach the public through grassroots organizing. By issuing press releases and expert source articles to print and television media outlets, Communication Solutions can raise awareness of your business or organization and its interest in particular legislation.


For example, when a bill threatened the future of nurse anesthetists, Communication Solutions worked on behalf of the Pennsylvania Association for Nurse Anesthetists (PANA) to influence legislators who sat on the committee reviewing the bill. Communication Solutions designed a media campaign to get attention at a grassroots level. Through press releases that generated articles in local newspapers, Communication Solutions was able to get PANA's name out in the legislators' voting communities.

By building name recognition within a particular community, Communication Solutions can get voters interested in what you have to say. Voters, in turn, contact their legislators on the issues affecting you.


Grant & Speech Writing

With a team of veteran writers on staff, Communication Solutions is adept at persuasive writing. If it's grants you seek, our seasoned staff can help you write your way to funding. For those who want a powerful and effective speech, let the wordsmiths at Communication Solutions craft your message.


Legislative & Issue Research

When you have a message you want to get out to local, state or federal officials, it's got to be backed by solid facts and figures. Without that research behind you, you might lose credibility with those you are trying to reach.


Communication Solutions can save you the time and effort it takes to comb through statistics and other data, such as the voting records of legislators. Let us put our researching skills to work to get you the information you need.

Editorial & Op-Ed Writing

Another successful way to reach government officials is through the newspaper. An articulate editorial piece serves a dual purpose - it reaches not only the legislators themselves, but also the public. When written well, an editorial piece can influence opinions and spur voters to call on their legislators to effect change.


Communication Solutions has the experience necessary to write provocative, factual editorial pieces sure to garner attention. Our experienced writers will make sure your message leaves its mark on the reader.

Securing Political Speakers For Your Event

When you want an event to receive media coverage, you can give reporters the "news hook" they are looking for with an influential speaker. Let's face it - a fundraising dinner with the President of the United States as a guest speaker is much more newsworthy than one without.


With former political consultants on staff, Communication Solutions knows how to get you in touch with the people you need to make your event a success. We did it for the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center, an economic development organization. When the DVIRC held a Manufacturer Summit, Communication Solutions secured a state senator, the editor-in-chief of a powerful industry trade publication and a member of the Governor's Cabinet, along with other industry chiefs, to sit in on a panel discussion during the conference. In addition, Communication Solutions secured state representatives as special guests. Having the attention of these influential people was instrumental to helping the DVIRC raise awareness about manufacturing issues.


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